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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

AGILEDROP is a Drupal development studio focused on front-end development.

We care about our relationships with our clients by providing them with the best possible value for their investment.

We are proponents of open-source technology and strive to be transparent with our partners. We are actively engaged with the Drupal community, where we share code and knowledge with other Drupal developers. Our goal is to become more awesome and to work on fun projects!

Drupal contributions

AGILEDROP supports the Drupal community by organising and hosting local events in Slovenia. All our team members actively participate in the Drupal Slovenia Association.

Projects supported

Memberful, Tiny Pass, Instapage, Heap Analytics, Private file url, EntityReference Selector, ClickDesk

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Iztok, Drupal consultant & projects lead

On for 9 years 4 months
At least 1 edit to documentation
Contributor to EntityReference Selector, Capla, Emona, and 6 more

alecsmrekar, Developer

On for 5 years 7 months
1 edit to documentation

markobahor, Project manager

On for 4 years 11 months

jzavrl, Team lead

On for 3 years 9 months
Contributor to Less CSS Preprocessor

boshtian, Developer

On for 4 years 6 months
1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Instapage, Flickr


On for 2 years 11 months


On for 10 months 3 weeks