I have created a sites/domain/modules/apps-allow.info empty control file in my BOA-2.0.8 instance and run the reset password task. Yet when I attempt to install an app with Panopoly, I am prompted for FTP. Checking the Apps Configuration, webserver direct install is not enabled, says I need to "sudo chmod -R 777 sites/all/modules"

Besides the empty control file and the reset password task, what else needs done to use apps with BOA?

br, tom


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Project: Provision » Octopus
Version: 6.x-1.9 »
Component: Miscellaneous » Drupal Platforms

This is BOA specific.

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Category: support » bug

It doesn't work as expected probably because of this known bug: #1970226: Folder permissions of {sites/all/} libraries, modules, and themes 755?

Run the hotfix as shown below, try it again and let us know if this helped:

chmod 02775 /data/disk/*/distro/*/*/sites/all/{modules,libraries,themes} &> /dev/null
chmod 02775 /data/all/*/*/sites/all/{modules,libraries,themes} &> /dev/null
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This has been fixed in head already.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.