I just noticed that the permissions for libraries, modules, and themes folders inside sites/all are 755 for the pressflow-6.28 platforms (added with boa 2.0.8), where they are 775 for drupal-7.22 platforms and were 775 also for previous pressflow (6.27 in boa 2.0.5). Is there a reason for this?

I noticed because I tried to use drush make --no-core to add modules, libraries and themes to a built-in platform, which failed because of this this.

So I changed the permissions to 775 as root, but I was just wondering where the change came from.


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This is a known issue caused by something related to tar and the fact that stable uses static downloads for all distros, with all permissions already set. Yet, while the permissions inside tarballs are correct, they are lost on extracting from the archive on some systems. The weird part is that tarballs were build on a standard Squeeze system, and permissions are lost also on Squeeze, but are preserved on systems upgraded from Lenny to Squeeze.

The workaround has been committed in HEAD: http://drupalcode.org/project/octopus.git/commit/99eb0ec

You can also run manually:

chmod 02775 /data/disk/*/distro/*/*/sites/all/{modules,libraries,themes} &> /dev/null
chmod 02775 /data/all/*/*/sites/all/{modules,libraries,themes} &> /dev/null
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Thanks! Fixed before I had even noticed it ;)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.