Line 1525: "If you feel this is in error" should be "If you feel this is an error". Path attached.

mollom_typo.patch726 bytesanavarre
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Title: Simple typo in mollom.module » Improve false-positive (blocked) message
Category: bug » task
Priority: Minor » Normal

This was originally discussed and confirmed to be proper English in #869782-58: Allow users to report in case they are blocked

However, there's probably room for tweaking and improving this message to ensure that it is clear for end-users.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Thanks again for the patch here.

I personally assumed that some more fundamental feedback on the language would arise here, but that did not happen... Most probably the existing messaging is fine already.

With the regard to the change in this patch, I think that context matters. The implied one is:

-[Your post will not be accepted.]  If you feel this is in error, please report that you are blocked.
+[Your post will not be accepted.]  If you feel this is an error, please report that you are blocked.

Linguistically, I believe that both are valid, since the immediately preceding sentence (context) talks about an action being performed. This action might have been taken "in error."

I agree, the (result of the) action could be "an error", too.

However, since both appear to be grammatically valid English, and since changing this single character would break existing translations on many production sites, I'd like to close this issue for now. I hope you understand.

But thanks again for being nitpicky — as I care for quality myself, I truly appreciate + respect it! :-)