It's really a nice theme and i wish i can use it for my news website but it dosen't support the arabic language RTL and also shows all the languages item on the menu .
Please any patches for thoses issues


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Thank you aminebourkadi for your feedback. I would like to help you.

Could you define the most important requirements for arabic language support?
Could you also make a screenshot how Tweme looks with arabic language now?

PS: if you provide me with an access to your Drupal installation (it may be test) I can adjust Tweme specially for you and then make a patch.

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Hi Tonystar,
I have the same issue with the rtl Hebrew language. I believe the most important requirements for the rtl languages and the most basic is to align everything to the right and have the first block on the right of the content.
The Admin menu does work well with the rtl direction.

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Ok, I will try to support RTL in the next update.