There is an issue, that the "new post" icon in the topic list is displayed on topics that do not have the "new" or "updated" link/status displayed. The new-link is only displayed for nodes that are more recent than the NODE_NEW_LIMIT but the new-icon is actually displayed for all un-read topics. This is inconsistent, because on the list of forums, the new-icon is actually only displayed, if a forum has new/unread posts that are newer than NODE_NEW_LIMIT.

The simple solution would be to modify advanced_forum_reply_num_new() - which is only used by the new-icon - so that it only adds the $viewed variable (which contains 1 for un-read posts) if the node is newer than NODE_NEW_LIMIT.


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Title: Icon for "new topic" displayed on posts which are not "new" » Icon for "new post" displayed on topics which have no "new" posts
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clarified that the problem is with the new _post_ icon, not new _topic_ icon