Users are unable to access content on my site unless they have permission to "administer nodes." My site is set up so that views generates the content and panels organize and display the views. The content is also arranged by one taxonomy.

The problem is that while the Admin can see the content (embedded views) the authenticated users and anonymous users can't.

I have the following permissions enabled for authenticated users:
"Access content" under the Node Module permissions
"View all panes" under the Panels module permissions
"Access all views" under the Views module permissions

I have rebuilt permissions a number of times under the Content Management>Post Settings>Rebuild Permissions.

I have checked the access rules in each panel and they are not set.

I have check the views access rules and they are all set and unrestricted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also use the Content Management Filter, but I have no other modules that deal with user permissions/access.


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Can they access the nodes directly? I'd find a node number then have them goto:


That'll narrow down the issue to either nodes or views / panels.

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I just checked node access and they are unable to access nodes directly.
Perhaps the problem lies in permissions rather than views/panels?

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You will definitely need to resolve the node access issue before you can see if there's an issue with the views and panels. if they can't access the node directly, then they won't be able to via views and panels (which is usually just display and not node access control).

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Thank you for helping me to narrow down the issue. I was able to install the Node Access module ( and it solved my problem.