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Last updated: April 12, 2013 - 15:55

Release notes

  • Created new templating options (#1949192)
  • Added a new nodeblock table with the possibility to set a block title, add a machine name for a block
  • Adding a new permission for nodeblock settings per node
  • Issue #973712 by gkingofpa: Uninstall hook implemented.
  • Issue #1778230 by netgenius: Hide translated version link.
  • Issue #1396336 by mesr01: Show unpublished nodes in block overview.
  • Issue #1925894 by David Stosik: Modified the behaviors of node_delete, node_insert and node_update and fixed a bug in block views for when block support for a node is disabled.
  • Issue #1915944 by Rory: Added block module as a dependency.
  • Issue #1531032 by joericapens: Code cleanup.
  • Issue #1372834 by crantok: Description of view modes changed.
  • Issue #1323746 plach, rudiedirkx: Add support for entity translations
  • Issue #1432726 by skilip: Clean up block table after removing a node.
  • Issue #1531408 by joericapens, pfrenssen: Do not do a block_rehash every time a node is updated, created, deleted.
  • Issue #577254 by dboulet, roychri: No status message when you don't have administer blocks permission
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