I just installed the module and the libraries. The editor toolbar doesn't show any text-align buttons even though they are set in the settings. How can I enable them?


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I have same problem with newest version on a new installation.
Please anyone.

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Same here with an update to version 6.x-1.14.
No more align tabs, html links, horizontal rule...

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Use CKEditor Full, not Standard.

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ahhhh... yes. I downloaded the last full version.
I think it should be made clear in the installation guide that you need to select the hidden option for full on CKeditors site :-)

However - now I have updated to the full version.
Half the buttons are not not visible - the function is there but the icons to help select the correct functions are missing.
I have cleared the cache a few times, tried to add a new format (same settings as Full HTML) and set up a new.

Both module and CKeditor is updated to newest version.

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Copy CKEditor inside ckeditor module directory, not in libraries.
In this way yuo can see all icons .... ;-)

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After some hours i now see they are all turned up and working just fine.
I did clear the cache so I am not sure why it didn't worked before.

I have CKeditor installed both in Libraries and in Modules as that is how the installation guide say it should be.
I have wanted to test this but have not yet tried.

Thank you for the help on this.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)
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I did update to the full version, but no furter result.

The CKeditor is showing like it should, but when i save the node there are no changes.
The follow occurs when trying to center text, import a link, set text bold,set HR, etc...
Text and Pictures are displayed ok, but that is all

Do i make an error in CSS settings?

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I am not sure if I an the right one to answer, but I have noticed that if I center or align a text to the right and then after try to make any other settings (like adding a link) this is not done.
I work around this by adding the link and make the changes I want before setting the alignment of the text and when done in that order it works perfect.
I have not tested this on the newest version of CKeditor yet.

The behavior you mention don't sound to be anything with CSS as far as I understand your problem.

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Closed (fixed)

I installed the wysiwyg module, and it popped up working again.
Strange, but problem solved.