Since there is no image verification for registering to drupal site, how does it avoid bots. I see that there is an email sent to user and they have to click there to confirm registration. Is that how it works. In vbulletin etc image verification is very important or else we see lots of bots and spam messages including fake registration.


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phpBB uses image verification and, in my expereince, it still gets swamped with bots.

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thanks. But I guess my question is: Before I go to the trouble of installing captcha, I'd like to know how is drupal avoiding the bot issue. Like the forum we are using right now, this drupal forum, I do not think I had to use image verification to register,
still I do not see any spam or bot messages. Is there something already built in drupal forums that it avoids spam and bots.


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I seem to remember that the newer vBulletin CAPTCHA was much more effective than the old one, too. Wordpress has the Math plug-in too, that people seem to like. It makes you do a simple math problem.

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You touched on a big part of it in your initial post. By requiring a user to register, receive an email, and then click a link in that email Drupal has sidestepped a great deal of issues with bots and spam. Most of the spam that does come through is human-generated, and thus does not come in the same massive quantities as bots.

Additionally, the captcha module has been great for me in those instances in which one must allow anonymous commenting or content creation. It allows you to use the traditional image captcha, a text based captcha (What color is the sky?) or a simple math captcha.