Hi - we ran into an issue where valid posters were being marked as spammers and not able to post.

Unfortunately we get enough real spam that when we specify "put in queue for moderation" instead of "delete post" we then have to sift through 100s of posts daily.

Is there any way to have the comment queue filterable by "mollom flagged spam" comments and "normal post moderation?"

On any site with real spam volume, the utility of placing spam detected posts in moderation queue with no way to filter them is fairly slim if not zero.

Separating non-spam posts awaiting moderation from those mollom has detected would be great.


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Since 6.x-2.3, the Mollom module allows end-users to notify Mollom that they are getting blocked themselves. This new facility allowed Mollom to fix and resolve a couple of common issues already.

The Mollom team is working very hard to avoid anyone having to retain any spam posts on their sites.

Drupal's built-in comment moderation queue does not really support advanced content moderation. However, did you see Mollom's new Content Moderation Platform already? It looks like it would help your use-case.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)

It's been some time since the last update here. I'm going to close this ticket for now, as I hope that the issue is resolved.

Please feel free to reply if I'm mistaken or if you have additional questions.

Thanks for your feedback!