I need to add Tumblr & SoundCloud social media buttons. I noticed on the 'Icon Dock Vector' icon set site, these are available; I added the set, but the social media module doesn't show these as one of the options to add. I'm a bit stumped here, and surprised that this hasn't been asked before.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.



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Title: Is there a way to add individual buttons to an existing icon set via Drupal? (not css) » Is there a way to add individual buttons to an existing icon set via Drupal admin? (not css)
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I was going to post and ask the same thing about adding "Yelp." I think the best thing for the module maintainer to do is to add a few "custom" fields that allow properly permissioned admins to create upload their art and create custom social icons.

It seems like every couple months there is a request for supporting a new site: soundcloud, tumblr, Instagram, yelp, the list goes on. There is no way to keep up with this. Besides, we all know from experience that half of them won't be here in 5 or 10 years. So instead of spending time trying to service new sites, wouldn't it be possible to have a custom field?

I'll volunteer to try and help.

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I need to add 'meetup' which is included in the icon set. Would love to have this feature!

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I had the same issue and after searching in the web for two days and try to play around with the php files, I went for a dirty but working solution, at least till the functionality will be implemented in the module.
You can override the icon img of some other social network you are not using(i.e. Pinterest) and add it to your platform with some fake profile.
Then, when you create the widget, the module will ask you if you wanna use the default address, you fill in the Url and username field with the new social network that you would like to use(i.e. Soundcloud).

That of'course works just for a static linking to your profile. There are no API integration :(