Port Organic Groups to Drupal 8.

Check #2591017: [og] Organic Groups for progress.

This seems to be more up to date (#48)

An initial port is available on GitHub at

Remaining tasks

User interface changes

API changes

Original report by wadmiraal

Hi all.

We're in the middle of planning/developing a new Drupal distribution that heavily relies on OG. But with Drupal 8 nearing code freeze, we're seriously thinking starting to port our current code base to Drupal 8 and continue development on the 8.x branch.

However, being so dependent on OG, we first want to know if you guys have started planning/working on OG 8.x


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Version: master » 7.x-2.x-dev
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Development hasn't started yet, I plan to find sponsors for this task as its a big one...

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I imagine... We'll stick to D7 for now. When D8 gets out, we might be able to give you a hand with the port, though ;-)

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@wadmiraal: If you're planning to build upon a considerable number of contrib modules, and you don't plan to do the 8.x porting yourself, it might take another 18 or even 24 months until your distribution's dependencies are stable enough.
It's only now - 24 months after Drupal 7.0 - that some major distributions come up with a Drupal 7 port.
If on the other hand you only need a few major contrib modules and plan to add the rest by custom modules, then you should be able to get things done by the end of 2013.

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Status: Active » Postponed

You make a valid point. Our goal is not necessarily to have something rock-solid by the end of 2013 - it would still be an alpha release that shortly after Drupal 8 gets out. We don't depend on many contrib modules, but the ones we do are fairly large and complex (like OG). We'll stick to D7 for now.

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#5: Funny, but from your explanations (few, large contrib projects, no tight release plan), aiming for a D8 bleeding edge Distro by Q1 or Q2/2014 sounds like a good perspective...

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But if the large contrib projects don't even have a -dev release by Q1, the distro won't have the necessary functionality :-)

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Issue summary: View changes

What's OG 8.x's current status?
How can we help? (maybe help finding sponsors / testing and such?)

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... and another effort here --

I'll create an official repo on Github soon, so collaboration would be easy.

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I'll join in if you don't mind. I can see that last commit in the repo that amitai showed here was last updated in Nov 20, 2013 and the code is not fully compatible with the new structure. I created another repo in here - I'll try to work on this but think other projects will consume the time for that.

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@moshe-weitzman Thanks for the sand box link.

@roysegall May I begin testing on this repo in a D8 vagrant set up (

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@rg_chi Sure but there need to be a code update since a lot of change from the last time especially the entity declaration.

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@RoySegall, I forked your repo and I'll try to set aside some time to update the entity declarations and create some PRs

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I'd like to hack on this in Amsterdam. Anyone else interested?

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Love that idea. Count me in.

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Beta 1 of D8 is launched. OG 8 are badly needed. Please do a step forward.

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I'm already working on this. If you at DrupalCon you more then welcome to join.

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Great RoySegall, looking fordward for the first alpha of the project!

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Started a sandbox Project where I will be using it and testing, will report bugs, the Project is

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It would be useful to think about some of the issues and difficulties that came up on 7.x-2.x that couldn't be resolved because they would have caused API breakages.

One that springs to mind is the confusion with whether group types are a single bundle, or all the bundles of an entity type. IIRC there's a few places in the API where this is mixed up a bit.

Another is the way that permissions are handled separately from the group membership.

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@huma2000 - no need for a new repo, you can fork mine and make PR against it.

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> One that springs to mind is the confusion with whether group types are a single bundle

Single bundle. Where in the d7 code do you see differently?

> Another is the way that permissions are handled separately from the group membership.

You mean you would expect to have $og_membership->hasAccess('foo'), right?

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Can the issue be updated highlighting the GitHub repo to fork, and status progress (core issues, etc.).

Our product relies on OG and having it ready for 8.0.x is critical. Willing to donate quite a bit of time for work.

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> Single bundle. Where in the d7 code do you see differently?

#1997378: [meta] Inconsistencies between groups as entity types and groups as bundles

> You mean you would expect to have $og_membership->hasAccess('foo'), right?

Probably :)
On D7, it feels like there are two parallel systems in play: the membership entity on the one hand, and the member's permissions and access on the other.

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I'm also happy to donate some for helping the OG development if needed.

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Later i'll open issues in the github repo so people would know which issues we need in order to get the basic OG module(without the other sub-modules) ready for drupal 8. This include the relation ship between groups and group content, permissions etc. etc.

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Great news, I also think now is the momento to refactor the og module and solve all the problems from d7 versión and maybe expand it a bit, but lets go step by step!

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RoySegall, cool!

One question on workflow, keeping community members involved. Commerce uses GitHub and PRs for 8.x development, but keeps issues on D.o for tracking in commit messages and to lead newcomers to the development. When a PR is opened, ticket is "CNR", when merged "Fixed."

My fear of having the issues only on GitHub is that we'll lose volunteers. We'll also lose the "8.x Metaplan" tracking ability found on issues like

Which we should identify Core issues that block some of the OG functionality. I really believe D8 will cut down OG's complexity, which is what I'm excited for. I also believe many projects/services rely on OG and that will make it a major player in D8 migrations.

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Well... I did some minor brief on og.module file and i came up with couple of issues: I think/know and feel there's more - feel free to open. Good luck!

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Title: Drupal 8 Roadmap ? » Port to Drupal 8
Category: Support request » Task
Priority: Minor » Normal
Issue summary: View changes
Status: Postponed » Active
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I also think we should not open tickets in Github, but instead all tickets regarding the D8 port should be created here. First step would be to create a new version tag, so we can tag issues with 8.x-2.x-dev.

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any news with the official d8 port?

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Do you have a roadmap to Drupal 8? Is it sponsorship or more developer resource?
What are the blockers?

Thank you,

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Time is most needed asset. and developers.

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Thank you for your reply, RoySegall.

Understood. Time is probably one thing we struggle most as well.
Is there an official roadmap and high level vision for developers to look at?

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Where i left we i all the data structure ready for work - og membership, roles etc. etc. OG have a huge(!) amount of tests and the module upgrader can convert those tests so we can start work by a TDD workflow. We might need to move around files and update the name of the classes we extends but basically people can start work.

I don't have a complete roadmap just make it working. After i'll finish porting message and message notify i can get back to OG and define road maps with some namedropping: dependency injection, services, UX, UI(OG ui need a massive UX and UI) etc. etc.

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Just checking if there are any updates. Thanks!

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Nothing new at this point but i'll try to get back to this one. If not keep working make the current code work with D8 since we had a couple of API changes.

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Checking for updates too. Thank you :-)

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Just wondering if there are any updates?

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We working on the getting the fundamentals and complex for OG so other people could join without losing their minds.

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Title: Port to Drupal 8 » Port Organic Group to Drupal 8
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Title: Port Organic Group to Drupal 8 » Port Organic groups to Drupal 8


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Sorry, this isn't directly related to porting OG to Drupal 8. But I'm experimenting with a different solution to user groups using only taxonomy. Here's the sandbox:

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Took quite a bit of searching, but it looks like this is the most active port:

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Here's the link to the Organic Groups issue at Drupal 8 Contrib Porting Tracker:
#2591017: [og] Organic Groups

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Issue summary: View changes
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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Closing this as a duplicate of the "official" D8 contrib tracker issue which has more up-to-date information and is shown prominently on the project homepage: #2591017: [og] Organic Groups.

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Closed (duplicate) » Active

Until the project page contains a D8 section/link to the 'official' issue this issue is too important to close.

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It's down at the bottom of the project page (like all the contrib tracker issues):

This module is currently being ported to Drupal 8, but is not usable yet. Help us by following this issue.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Holy crap ... what a UX :(

I search the text for a D8 section.