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Everyone loves the gmail and facebook inline chat modules. This chat module enables you to seamlessly integrate Gmail/Facebook style chat into your existing website.


  1. Gmail style bottom right display of chat boxes
  2. Rich Ajax Interface
  3. Avatar / Picture Support
  4. Keeps chat boxes open and stores state (data) even when pages are browsed/refreshed similar to Facebook
  5. Displays “Sent at…” after 3 minutes of inactivity
  6. Displays “X says…” & blinks chat boxes when window is not in focus
  7. If chat window is minimized, it displays if new message arrived
  8. Minimize and close chat boxes
  9. Auto-resize of text input box
  10. Auto-scrolling of chat text
  11. Auto-back-off polling policy (hits the server less-often when chat activity is low)
  12. Supports emoticons(detects them automatically in chat messages)
  13. Extremely simple to integrate into existing site
  14. Optional Integration with Flag Friend and User Relationship and Private Message(send offline chat message as private message when next cron run, if this module exists) Module
  15. Provides notification sound when a new chat message is received
  16. Multiple skin support

Browser Compatibility

  1. Firefox 2+
  2. Internet Explorer 6+
  3. Safari 2+
  4. Opera 9+


Chatting off the record

If you don't want your chat history with someone to be saved, you can take the chat off the record. Chats that have been taken off the record aren't stored in your chat history. Your off the record settings will apply for current session only. If the setting is changed, a notification will be displayed in the Chat window.

To take a chat off the record

  1. Open a chat window.
  2. Click More at the top of the chat window.
  3. Select Go off the record.

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