After creating a new omega HTML5 subtheme with Omega tools and refreshing the cache I got this error:
Notice: Undefined index: in drupal_theme_initialize() (line 100 of /includes/
so I checked the theme folder and all the folders are there, but the files aren't (template.php,, etc.).

#3 omegasubtheme.png21.08 KBC13L0
#3 subtheme_correctfiles.png40.67 KBC13L0


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I have the same problem

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Priority: Critical » Major

Reviewing the Descriptions of the Priority and Status values documentation, this is major as it doesn't render the site useless, just the module.

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I cannot recreated this notice. Steps I took to reproduce using panopoly 7.x-1.0-rc4, omega 7.x-3.1, omega_tools 7.x-3.0-rc4

1. Clean install of panoply distro
2. drush dl omega
3. drush dl omega_tools
4. drush en omega_tools
5. cd to my site root
6. drush omega-subtheme mysubthemetest
7. I then enabled my new subtheme and everything works as it should

Using drush to create subtheme auto uses html5 starterkit. Also, make sure that you did not use omega_tools with omega4.x