It seems like there is an error with this function "jquery Cycle Custom Options". I really need some special effects (easing, easeIn, easeOut) on the views slideshow. But every time when i put an additional custom value in the exspected Value-field and click "update custom options" and the save the view, the the whole slideshow break and doesn`t work anymore.
jquery.cycle plugin is correctly installed
jquery.easing plugin v.1.3 is correctly installed
json2 is correctly installed

First i thought it has something to do with the json2 and a parse-error of the non-numeric values. Because when i choose an option with a numeric value, then it works, is taking effect and the slideshow don´t break.

But then i made a Test and deactivated the json2 library in the html.tpl and tried to set the special values for easing directly in the optional default Options of the cycle-plugin-file (jquery.cycle.all.js) and not through the "cycle custom options" in the view. But the result ist the same. Allways when trying to use one of the additional special easing effects, the whole slideshow break.

So after that i think that the failure must either come from the module "views slideshow" or from the required jquery-plugin "cycle".

I hope that anybody can help me along with this problem and can give me some hint about this, because the views slideshow module would be really powerful and nice, if this integrated "jquery cycle custom options" would work correctly.

Best wishes to you all.



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Title: jquery Cycle Custom Options - does not work! » jquery Cycle Custom Options - does not work with string values!
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same issue. Is there any documentation on using: jQuery Cycle Custom Options?

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re-open if still an issue.