I have a page view with an exposed filter configured to show a slider, but the slider doesn't render.
The problem is Drupal.settings.better_exposed_filters.slider_options[0].viewId is views-exposed-form-neighborhood-map-openlayers-1
which gives me a parent selector of #views-exposed-form-neighborhood-map-openlayers-1
but the selector should be #views-exposed-form-neighborhood-map-page-1

The view format is OpenLayers Map, which may be the key difference.


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My slider doesnt appear at all and i dont have any .js errors, im using latest version...

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Oh i figured out i was using latest version, bu dev is the one that needs to be used if you want this.

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I'm having the same problem. Standard views styles (e.g. html table) show the slider exposed filter fine but with Openlayers views styles, the slider is absent.

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Title: Slider doesn't appear - exposed filter form selector is wrong » Slider doesn't appear - exposed filter form selector is wrong - Openlayers

Same here. Slider works fine on any page, EXCEPT those with openlayers maps, whether the entire page is a Openlayers view, or the page has a block with an openlayers map in it. Probably somethings with the js.

I am updating the title.

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Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to proceed? Much appreciated.

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Hi Guys,

I have just the opposite problem, I have two sliders showing up on my views with an openlayer map.
Any idea how to disable the second one?

Great module by the way.

UPDATE, I followed the cookbook for sliders in the documentation, undoing that solved my issue. It might help some-one.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

My apologies for not following this issue and the delayed reply... Based on #6, I'm assuming this is resolved. If folks are still having problems with exposed filters using OpenMaps, I'm guessing that it's based on some form rewriting being done by OpenMaps. Can you include the HTML of the exposed filter if you're still seeing this issue? Thanks.

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I thought it was openlayers, but its happening when i have two views in a panel, and they share the exposed filter. In this case I had one map and one list in the same view, sharing a filter, and this breaks the jquery slider.

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Basically. If somebody has two displays in a view and they have better exposed filters on both, than the slider wont appear. Although I am only using one fo the exposed filter blocks to control both displays, better exposed filters slider wont appear. So what I did is i made the one I am using better exposed filter, and the other one basic. I used the one with exposed filters, and it worked. When I had better exposed filters on both displays, even though I was only using one of the exposed filter blocks, it wouldnt work. This might happen with other BEF features, but I only use the slider, so I dont know.

This is a small bug, but workable. Hope it makes sense, if not I can explain the bug a bit better.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Postponed

I'm more than happy to revisit this issue, as needed -- either open a new issue or reopen this bug if what you're seeing is exactly the same -- and I can look into it.

But until then, I have to mark it as postponed due to the limited scope of the bug.