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MD5: 19020fd2f04cb1cfebd44eca29c9a37d
SHA-1: 6e89de037aae48c61ba0e68b5ecabcac57f58f58
SHA-256: 3aac0ee7357a7d69c194cb0731754849469ac9013d09ec1632d9a2d9b1d27c86
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SHA-1: 3605a2e7d82c6ac1897f911081d3b2d3c01a2f57
SHA-256: 7fd12a374a76e8b49bb48dd44e7754c6a04485b7b0df3094b0d1419b2d07942d
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MD5: ea5f162a2ee2bd9a996c30c11100968c
SHA-1: 0532cc1d8404f15976fc0917954798e99739bbad
SHA-256: 4ee064bf7586cb9271b84a8e70cf296e52578efd8b7c20c89f36786bef7123d6
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MD5: 2fd7b10fc0805e8377f08b8d5c548779
SHA-1: 23fcf3dffabea95804a3cc672a09256cea41e5ff
SHA-256: d71a64011a6e296afa8e6b32ec9c8cd666ae122313a0f2a09f1eb2839f0b6fd6
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MD5: 7f60c4428a5e88e7813168e77cd74955
SHA-1: f78f0d3b9a292b0668ba97c9426ec8a727608b54
SHA-256: 8687beb8a06fe5df2cdfd9afb47506907b3568caa2f9d692a79f7752bedee34f
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MD5: 5a8b129ba84f48637241d5a375f61512
SHA-1: 989c6bb5238369a9f8c9eb8980a8fea9af857d04
SHA-256: a59fb12b7ae7594a97c34abe61fcf7d88ef58925858ffc011c3b0dfc65603a6f

Release info

Created by: Gábor Hojtsy
Created on: April 4, 2013 - 12:59
Last updated: April 4, 2013 - 13:22
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes


- Drupal core to 7.22 to fix security issues and other bugs.
- Ctools and Views modules to fix security issues and other bugs.
- Latest Edit and Layout modules to fix bugs.


- New look and behaviour in the navigation bar module, fully backported from Drupal 8.
- Added new responsive preview module backported from the patch proposed to Drupal 8 (#1741498: Add a responsive preview bar to Drupal core).
- Added simplified menu administration module to match Drupal 8 functionality.

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