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MD5: 1e3bda34a77ff8750e2cbf629fd93b55
SHA-1: 8d794f312067af814a954c14b7581e464d9e6d23
SHA-256: a607ccddfd166dfcfd19efbfc641ebdd54db23f1de41a95de6b6dbbcfb544aab
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MD5: 70bcc15496fdb9382ca203768d8fafbd
SHA-1: d2f11b0bbe523c94f3746c4b70e2d2d8a0ae25d8
SHA-256: 0861181779f89d7b2863da7cd1ef19833cdfc1a2af4c48a8d33f87d8f972d5d7
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/openlayers:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: Pol
Created on: 4 Apr 2013 at 11:04 UTC
Last updated: 9 Jan 2014 at 09:33 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

This is a bugfixing release.

Module developers, if your module provides layers or behaviors, there are a lot of chance that you'll have to update.
As example, see the patch for the Geofield module.
Here's a guide, it's really easy.

Enhancements & bug fix

Remove unused maxExtent of sample layer - Augustus Kling, 32 minutes ago
Drop maxExtent from layers where layers don't handle it. - Augustus Kling, 42 minutes ago
Use maxExtent of WMTS layers only if set - Augustus Kling, 43 minutes ago
Do not modify parameter when there is no need to do so - Augustus Kling, 56 minutes ago
Add a test on map, to check if maxExtent is an array before using it. - Pol Dell'Aiera, 2 hours ago
Issue #1960870: Layer Types JS Cleanup: Layer Types JS Cleanup. - Pol Dell'Aiera, 2 hours ago
Updating examples. - Pol Dell'Aiera, 2 hours ago
Fix CSS to get it working with some responsive themes. - Pol Dell'Aiera, 3 hours ago
Pass isBaseLayer option to WMTS layers so that is it not assumed they would all be base layers - Augustus Kling, 13 hours ago
Stricter checking of layers' maxExtent to avoid setting invalid values - Augustus Kling, 14 hours ago
Adding a TODO for a future cleaning. - Pol Dell'Aiera, 15 hours ago
Fix #1959948: Incorrect .make file library download: Incorrect .make file library download - Pol Dell'Aiera, 22 hours ago
Ensure returned extent are float instead of string (For the JS). - Pol Dell'Aiera, 23 hours ago
Move into openlayers_build_map() projections related stuff. openlayers_build_map is only used to alter the $map variable. openlayers_render_map_data() only for rendering and adding JS. - Pol Dell'Aiera, 25 hours ago
Providing more precise error messages in case of incomplete layers or behaviors - Augustus Kling, 26 hours ago
Remove maxExtent from layers as this setting is derived from the maps' projection bug #1942826 - Augustus Kling, 28 hours ago
Stretching image layer across whole map if extent not explicitly given Providing layer attributes for image layer - Augustus Kling, 28 hours ago
Fix #1369012: Popups cannot be closed after zoom when clusters enabled: Popups cannot be closed after zoom when clusters enabled. - Pol Dell'Aiera, 2 days ago


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