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MD5: 87bdd1602becfa06c6fed5b94b49f36f
SHA-1: ca7477c78f0d55caad75a1fb7fba27f86a6a0e77
SHA-256: cf7c48f278f6f885c2f875fe9e3bbf348263ce3821a06e17f4feaad686ac8c76
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MD5: 749bf1e2433113cd7d5475135b1cfc2f
SHA-1: bbdb20a254027ca42b30ca0271cc52592f592c11
SHA-256: e013c1fe69ad0048fda94a6aa72b3982347eb686df307198e0130b8b6d7be0a7

Release info

Created by: ezra-g
Created on: April 4, 2013 - 01:02
Last updated: August 4, 2016 - 16:59
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Remove old comment that means nothing now that the functionality has been removed.
  • Coding standards by Zarabadoo: Make selectors lowercase.
  • Coding standards by Zarabadoo: Break selectors onto separate lines.
  • Coding standards by Zarabadoo: Fix a typo in comments.
  • #1956578 by Zarabadoo: Remove unused mixins and invisible classes from core files.
  • #1956578 by Zarabadoo: Remove IE legacy support as there is not support for IE under v8 and simplify the Compass library inclusion.
  • #1955464 by Zarabadoo: Clean up scss and css to remove empty style containers and orphaned comments.
  • #1955480 by Zarabadoo: Change all instance of "$vars" to "$variables" and add a $hook argument to all process and preprocess functions.
  • #1955468 by Zarabadoo: Remove unused theme-settings.php.
  • #1955468 by Zarabadoo: Remove commented out functions and extraneous comments.
  • Tab contrast by Zarabadoo: Replace the missing background on active tabs.
  • #1954314 by Zarabadoo: Reposition the type list on small screens.
  • Tab contrast by Zarabadoo: Make the counts on quicktabs the same color as the link text.
  • Tab contrast by Zarabadoo: Remove palette colors and simplify the styling of Drupal and quicktabs tabs.
  • Tabs contrast by Zarabadoo: Alter the styling on the tabs to have more contrast.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Remove the horrible non-breaking spaces added by the addressfield module and optimize the implementation.
  • Bugfix by Zarabadoo: Prevent javascript errors in IE8.
  • Bugfix by Zarabadoo: Point to the appropriate part of the array when looking for related fields.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Adjust header styling to accommodate some new user links.
  • #1941458 by Zarabadoo: Apply grouping header styles to the group contributor block.
  • #1921502 by Zarabadoo: Position the vote up-down widget appropriately.
  • Usability by Zarabadoo: Style the date widget to look closer to the design documents.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Refine the check for access a bit more to compensate for the form items that do not have it declared.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Prevent form items that cannot be accessed from making an empty sidebar pod from appearing on node forms.
  • #1936628 by Zarabadoo: Make the title of search results more dynamic.
  • #1947254 by Zarabadoo: Remove empty address fields from views fields.
  • #1947254 by Zarabadoo: Remove debug code.
  • #1947254 by Zarabadoo: Prevent incomplete addresses from being displayed on node displays.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Make styling of the user forms use a class and not targetted styling.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Simplify views styling so that most views will look nice by default.
  • #1917980 by Zarabadoo: Use the proper syntax for min-width.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Make facet styling more generic.
  • Bugfix/cleanup by Zarabadoo: Make the styling for the group logo pane more generic so it is not limited by the page structure.
  • Bugfix by Zarabadoo: Make the Group node body text flow around the group logo.
  • Footer by Zarabadoo: Apply space, size and color adjustment to the default footer block.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: MAke the poll node form useable and not cut off.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Give the filter option on the events listing sans solr the same styling as the "What is happening?" page.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Apply styling to the user search page.
  • Bugfix by Zarabadoo: Make the filters on the events listing collapse on the medium screens.
  • Bugfix by Zarabadoo: Apply search page collapsible facet function to the solr events page.
  • #1925402 by Zarabadoo: Remove debug code.
  • #1925402 by Zarabadoo: Implement more solid search styling and a collapsible menu.
  • #1936644 by Zarabadoo: Generalize the styling of views grid to remove borders and backgrounds from the tables.
  • #1936630 by Zarabadoo: Make event styling more generic so that it touches more instances of the node.
  • #1932442 by Zarabadoo: Prevent the reporting link from appearing at the top of the node.
  • #1932442 by Zarabadoo: Make the reporting link wrap below other links and be permanently visible on any screen size below desktop.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Fix comments to reference this theme.
  • #1934352 by Zarabadoo: Add #collapsible and #collapsed to the sidebar forms.
  • #1925402 by Zarabadoo: Add a better target for applying search panel styling.
  • #1925402 by Zarabadoo: Remove unneeded preprocess function.
  • #1925402 by Zarabadoo: Make sure facets on the core search page is always wrapped in pod styling... even when logged out.
  • #1925402 by Zarabadoo: revert javascript wrappers for old scripting to make it work again.
  • #1925402 by Zarabadoo: Make the search facets collapsible.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Adjust spacing and style to be more consistent and cleaner.
  • Question styling by Zarabadoo: Move the "Answer" link to the top of the node content and position.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Prevent the avatars in activity block form hanging into the rows below them.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Give the footer some horizontal breathing room on smaller screens.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Adjustments to responsive layouts across all nodes and give focused attention to elements of events.
  • Bugfix by Zarabadoo: Fix broken node forms by moving some of the shuffling to a template.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Rework the node form stying and markup to be simpler and more consistent.
  • Cleanup by Zarabadoo: Apply a better column layout so that there is appropriate white-space at all sizes on all content.