Can't see any mention of this in issues (or even via much Googling)--surprising, but then the number of Drupal installs on IIS must be a fairly low percentage. I know I wish mine wasn't!

To be honest, I can't tell if this is an issue with Media:YouTube, File Entity, or Media. The issue is apparently that before writing the YouTube URI to the database, the module first tries to save the URI as a file in the tmp directory. Unfortunately, Windows' filesystem does not allow colons in filenames, so the attempt to touch a file like "youtube://v/sodifu8sfdl" fails.

Error messages are:

The specified file sites/name-of-site/files/temp/test_-1337_-Introduction could not be deleted, because it is not a valid URI. More information is available in the system log.


File youtube://v/sodifu8sfdl could not be copied, because the destination directory is not configured correctly.

[Fake URI used here]

There must be a simple patch to save the file without the protocol, and add the protocol only when writing to the database? Sorry, I just can't see where the relevant code is.

Thanks for any help you can offer!


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It sounds like your environment isn't configured properly. I've used Media: YouTube along with other Media providers on Windows using IIS and haven't had any problems. Do you also have any issues with other temporary files or local files (using any stream wrapper) that contain colons in the file name?

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.