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MD5: b27a7230f63a7a81db8cc480ab2dba63
SHA-1: 0b733e0e1d2fd35a65406209ac0173856bebe1bd
SHA-256: 6d51605f035124b3d731d071e0c0e3d640363681f45e9e38461fa1a0f1c68c6f
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MD5: ce26992bba2fbce59b3c7acbb0e47969
SHA-1: e861fd76709ea02b3ad406494d931d9a9a92623d
SHA-256: 68f0b77f7e0b9c4fdc9d71df28d0bd6d961e712fcf4ca232df8c014f231f6f74

Release info

Created by: tim.plunkett
Created on: April 3, 2013 - 18:20
Last updated: February 12, 2014 - 15:56
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Fix for SA-CONTRIB-2013-041 - Chaos tool suite (ctools) - Access bypass

Changes since 7.x-1.2:

  • #81953 by CashWilliams, larowlan: Fixed access bypass in CTools node autocomplete: view unpublished nodes.
  • #1958538: Backported math expression test coverage from d8
  • #1923242 by Spleshka: Fix syntax error causing all tests to fail.
  • #1589922 by damiankloip: Added module name to ctools-export-info drush command.
  • #1763746 by anon: Remove extraneous unused return call.
  • #1722068 by letharion: Add 410 Gone http response handler to page manager.
  • #1741178 by lund.mikkel: Correct wrong use of format_plural.
  • #1313382 by andypost: Remove dsm() calls.
  • #1651734 by kasperg: Added option for setting heading tags surrounding node title on node title panes
  • #1623044 by jsagotsky: Allow info based plugins to use other extensions.
  • #1621566 by helior: Referencing the correct file for the content_type process function.
  • #1377634 by bendiy, thekevinday: Update ctools object cache to a blob data type.
  • #1613250 by dawehner: Improve documentation between dropdown and dropbutton.
  • #1630820 by andypost, davereid, firfin, several others: Fix entity field access rule plugin to actually work.
  • #169488 by goldorak: Improve autosubmit to handle advanced uses of fields such as datepickers.
  • #1587788 by solotandem: blocks not rendered properly in admin mode because module invoke of block view was never properly updated to D7.
  • #1587954 by nicksanta: Do not force ctols context handler edit criteria to pick a module name if one already exists.
  • #1558734 by bangpound: Restore the depth argument in term_view.
  • #1546238 by oadaeh: Documentation cleanup to implementing plugins.
  • #1538372 by oadaeh: Cleanup plugin api doc.
  • #1545916 by tim.plunkett: Some better hook documentation.
  • #1300912 by sillygwailo: Fix for not properly upgraded advanced help theme links.
  • #1585552 by andremolnar: Add the node language selector form item to the node form panes.
  • #1707810 by Amitaibu: Allow mockup field settings in ctools field invoke helper.
  • #1727804 by Dmitriy.trt, andypost, sylus: Fix colon depth in ctools context keyword substitution.
  • #1693352: Add page manager task for comment reply form.
  • Add missing file from previous commit.
  • #1803188 by MasterPoint: Not all browsers support keypress properly, keydown works better.
  • #1810116: Fix user profile access check for D7.
  • #1760584 by DamienMcKenna: Update term_view to execute all normal Drupal hooks.
  • #1229478 by mstrelan: Do not sanitize context strings when converting them to use for Views as they are input, not output.
  • #1601062 by Tresler: Fix field access plugin ignoring selected value.
  • #1560966 by Vincent B: Avoid notices in page_manager_get_pages with paths that end with "/"
  • #1728014 by jucallme: Improve features integration of ctools access ruleset.
  • #1470264 by anon: Improved rendering of local actions content pane.
  • #1605804 by mrfelton: User login block calls hook_block_view_alter with data in wrong format.
  • #1593652 by muhleder: javascript improvement for modal.js
  • #1892850 by tim.plunkett: Follow-up: ensure when the context is empty the right context is returned.
  • #1892850 by tim.plunkett: Allow specific user category profile forms to be used.
  • #1822472 by beeradb: Allow auto-submit exclusion to avoid conflicts with inputs that have other javascript attached.
  • #1754770 by Deciphered, merlinofchaos: Fixed _ctools_block_load_blocks() breaks sites when Block module disabled.
  • #1197582 by presleyd, bangpound, martinyde: Fixed Undefined index: type in ctools_entity_form_field_content_type_admin_title().
  • #1774434 by populist: Added Allow String Context to Be Created in the UI.
  • #1788088 by rocketeerbkw: Still some remaining CVS tags.
  • #1494860 by pandaeskimo, gagarine: Fixed Views Rewrite Results UI Broken using JQuery 1.7.
  • #1739718 by IshaDakota, merlinofchaos, rickmanelius | eule: Fixed assign property of non-object in ctools_block_content_type_render().