Firstly, I've had great success with Page Title and with every other content type things are working nicely. So, thanks!

I'm using a number of Search-index views with Facet Api. With the list of available tokens - the vast majority, including those listed under Active Facet items and Search Results weren't actually working (i.e. instead of the term I am wanting, the token wasn't replacing and I was just seeing "[facetapi_active:facet-name]" in my page titles, etc.).

I understand you have found a work-around with views, and so I tried creating a Page (with Pagetitle), but would really prefer not to do that, as all my theming goes out the window with that change and I have a number of these search-index views to work on.

The Facet API Page Title slot is definitely doing it's job (whatever I put in there is showing up in the Page title spot of my Facet API pages, as you would expect) - I just need to find some tokens that can actually work with it, that will allow it to use the Taxonomy Term referenced in the view, or the view title, Facet Term, etc.

Any suggestions?