Hi there,
I'm using Field collection with Field collection tabs on my site. Field collection consists of two fields - Tab title (Text field) and Tab text (Text area with multiply rows).The problem appears when i'm trying to create new node (or to fill this fields into existing). When i'm clicking on the Save button i'm getting 500 error or node/edit page reloading without saving changes in db. And there are no any entries in drupal log about it.
I was read about similar error here drupal.org/node/1238464. I was trying to disable CKeditor everywhere in this content type, but it didn't help.
Do you have any ideas how to make it work?
Thank you!


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I think this might be related to issue #1876624: Can't save nodes and other errors after upgrading to latest release.

Upgrading the entity module to 7.x-1.2 seems to have solved a similar issue.

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Running with 1.2 for entity API but still no luck.

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It should be working in the latest version.

If not, feel free to reopen with more detailed steps about how to reproduce.