I have updated the Fullcalendar librairy to the new 1.6 version. FC is supposed to have a new look

I haven't seen any changes and in Safari and Chrome I have noticed that the cells dont render like in Firefox.

Is there a special thing to do when updating the librairy beside clearing cache? Did I miss something?

Thanks for helping.


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hm there could be more problems, because.

- bundled with latest jQuery (1.9.1) and jQuery UI (1.10.2)

Think more tests are needed.

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so the problem would be somewhere in between the module and the new version of the plugin?

In the short term, should I fallback to an older version of the plugin (if so which one?) or can I stick with the latest version until the modifications to the module are made?


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I find the only version of the plugin that works properly is 1.4.x.. The 1.5.x and 1.6.x seem to break the display of the calendar and it ends up being very long with huge spaces between the items..

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I'll give it a try!