I have been running and testing Drupal 8 on Windows and Ubuntu 12 with PHP 5.3.

- a very simple D7 site - no contrib modules, no contrib themes, minimal number of enabled core modules, theme set to Bartik and other themes disabled.

- Win 8 + PHP 5.4.3 and Ubuntu 12 + PHP 5.3 running as a VirtualBox VM within Win 8 and error_reporting set = E_ALL

- March 31 fetch from git repo

I encountered on both setups a white screen of death and no error message in the PHP log or the Apache error log. On earlier tries I also got the error

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /drupal/core/includes/bootstrap.inc on line 2471

which has already been reported in #9, #13 and #24 in #1948390: [Meta] Upgrade to D8 from D7: regular testing needed on various OSs with different versions of php and other unique situations. So this may be related.

It makes it as far as adding these two lines to my settings.php and then that's it - no output, empty error logs, nothing

$config_directories['active']['path'] = 'config_N7ej2f9huVFRAaEZnd10YX8JjzkeYonc2dgjGcPCsDw/active';
$config_directories['staging']['path'] = 'config_N7ej2f9huVFRAaEZnd10YX8JjzkeYonc2dgjGcPCsDw/staging';

Not even sure where to go from here or what sort of issue to file.

Current D7 base setup I'm trying to upgrade :

$ drush status
Drupal version : 7.21
Site URI : http://default
Database driver : mysql
Database hostname : localhost
Database username : [db_user]
Database name : [db_name]
Database : Connected
Drupal bootstrap : Successful
Drupal user : Anonymous
Default theme : bartik
Administration theme : bartik
PHP configuration : C:\Windows\php.ini
Drush version : 5.8
Drush configuration :
Drupal root : d:/Documents/htdocs/[site_dir]/public_html
Site path : sites/default
File directory path : sites/default/files
Private file directory path : D:\Documents\htdocs\[site_dir]\backups
Temporary file directory path : D:\tmp

$ drush pml | grep Enabled
Core Field (field) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Field SQL storage (field_sql_storage) Module Enabled 7.21
Core File (file) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Filter (filter) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Help (help) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Image (image) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Menu (menu) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Node (node) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Number (number) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Options (options) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Path (path) Module Enabled 7.21
Core System (system) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Taxonomy (taxonomy) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Text (text) Module Enabled 7.21
Core User (user) Module Enabled 7.21
Core Bartik (bartik) Theme Enabled 7.21


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Issue tags: +D8 upgrade path

Tagging so we can keep track of this. Thanks for testing, and for your report!

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what exact version of php on ubuntu?

Also, what are the steps to reproduce?

did you follow instruction in the update.txt or do something else?

I'm guessing it might be something like

  1. get tar.gz of Drupal 7.21
  2. copy default settings file to settings.php
  3. install from url by going to http://localhost/drupal (or did you use drush?)
  4. etc..

Thanks, your investment in time on this is very valuable.

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I'm pretty sure it's Ubuntu 12.04 - I'm not on that machine right now which I why I left that a bit vague.

Steps - followed the update.txt as carefully as I could except for using drush to clear all caches to avoid having a post-flush page load.

- update D7 site to latest version
- disable all non-core modules (and actually uninstalled them as well for these tests)
- disable and uninstall all non-core themes
- disable all core themes except Bartik and set Bartik as default (obviously).
- put site in maintenance mode (even though it's just running locally I'm trying to stick to the update.txt instructions)
- clear all caches from drush so there are no page loads after clearing caches
- rename public_html to drupal7
- git pull into directory drupal8
- rename dir drupal8 to public_html
- copy settings.php from drupal7 to public_html
- set settings.php to writeable
- got to http://example.dev/update.php

I did try shortcutting that process a bit a couple of other times and got other errors, but when following the update.txt process pretty closely.

Obviously a WSOD with no error message is not the most useful issue to file, but I will keep trying weekly or so with a new git clone of latest code and report results as I have them.

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May also be related: #1987262: [Installation Error] Symfony: "The service definition 'request' does not exist.". Perhaps the patch there in #62 might reveal the actual cause.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I just tried this again on the same machine
- Windows 8
- PHP 5.4.3
- Apache 2.4.2
- MySQL 5.5.24

Following the exact steps in the UPDATE.TXT included in Drupal 8, I successfully upgraded from D7 -> D8 on a *very* simple site.

I actually converted from D6 -> D7 -> D8 for this site. The D6 site was core modules only, so no CCK. Still, much better result than with a similar dataset when I opened this issue.

I did quickly run into #1991298: Fatal error when installing Drupal on servers that don't have the cURL extension, but this was solved by enabling php_curl in php.ini.

See the META install issue: #1948390: [Meta] Upgrade to D8 from D7: regular testing needed on various OSs with different versions of php and other unique situations

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.