When viewing the theme on a desktop, the width of the content seems to be fixed to 940px and doesn't expand/contract on different sized screens. On a large screen this means that alot of the screen space is taken up with the background image.

I would like to be able to utilise the space on larger screens and I have looked at the responsive.css file to see if I can customise this. However, the Base Grid setup seems quite complex with many different settings for columns. Would it be possible to amend this so that the content width is based on a percentage? Or can you advise on which elements I should override please?

Updated Summary, May 2013

This is a list of features so far that will be added to Bamboo 2.x:

  1. Ultra-wide layout for large screen monitors but still packs the same responsive features Bamboo always had. The gird size will be set by the user and uses percentage based widths within so it's very flexible. 2.x uses Nathan Smith's Unsemantic framework.
  2. Three column options with left sidebar / content / right sidebar. This might be expanded upon. Based on a request from: #2005076: 3 Column Layout
  3. Feature request: #1978732: Mobile Menu: Toggle visibility of menu subitems - most likely will use: http://jasonweaver.name/lab/flexiblenavigation/ -- I've tested it on a new Drupal site I'm devloping and so far the results are great.
  4. Adding #1880280: Add a page to the demo site that shows all the patterns and backgrounds with associated names


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Hi, the framework that's being used here is CSS Skelton so it basically follows what that does which is a 960 px grid max width and you are correct in saying the grid is complex.

However, I'd like to have an ultra wide desktop layout similar to Omega's 3.x line. I'm considering starting a 2.x branch of Bamboo which would use something like Unsemantic. It's GPL / MIT so that fits the licensing bill nicely and the wide layout is at 1180px. I had already started to develop a new theme which I thought I'd contribute to drupal.org based on Unsemantic but I see no reason why I wouldn't just merge it into here.

But here's the caveat: this all takes a lot of time, time for which I donate out of the goodness of my heart. So the bad news is, I just don't know when I will get to this as I am busy with my day job of paid Drupal development work. I typically work on these types of things for an hour or two on a weekend morning so it's very slow going. To get this theme, Bamboo even to a first release and submit it for review to drupal.org took many, many months.

There's a drupal project called Unsemantic but sadly it just looks like a land grab with no code and nobody home.

I am not sure if this all helps you but it will hopefully give some insight into my workflow and process.

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Title: Expand/contract content on different sized screens (desktop) » Expand/contract content on different sized screens (desktop) [Feature Request]
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Title: Expand/contract content on different sized screens (desktop) [Feature Request] » [Feature Request] Provide for a wider than 960px layout for desktop (wide-screen mode)
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Thanks for the information. I too am working on my project in my spare time, so I know what it's like!

I have made a start with customising the css, although I haven't got very far yet. I can let you know if I make further progress using Unsemantic if that's helpful at all?

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Hi Gemma, thanks. That sounds good, I think Unsemantic is the way to go. I am thinking I would start a 2.x branch for that. -- danny

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I've started developing a 2.x branch using Unsemantic. There's a dev available here: http://drupal.org/node/1997306.

Please do not use on this branch on production, it's a work in progress and there's still lots to be done but it's a start. Also, please do not file any issues yet for 2.x until I have a chance to work on it some more. I will post back here. Feel free to test this out on a local dev. Feel free to post ideas and feedback here.


There's a new theme setting where you can set the max width of the container grids to whatever you like. You can use 100% or pixels such as 1280px or whatever. The default is 1200px. The theme is still responsive and is no longer pixel-width based so that's the beauty of simply setting a master width for percentages to be contained within, they remain constant so no mucking about with fixed widths within media queries.

Upgrading from 1.x

Most likely your site will break but that should change in the future for the better.

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Changing to 2.x branch.

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Moving this to the Gratis issue queue, there will no longer be a 2.x branch of Bamboo.

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Closing this one, Gratis is now a full project with all the features that had been requested for Bamboo and moved to this theme.

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