Hi, help me please. I installed video filter module and video filter field module. Create new content type and try to add new content of this one. How can I add a slideshare link? When I try to add link from slideshare to the field and the save, nothing happens.


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Help me please anybody!!!

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Just in case you haven't seen this, read this post: http://drupal.org/node/623404

The instructions are slightly out of date so maybe this will help:

1. Go to the slideshare presentation that you want to embed on slideshare.net

2. Above the presentation, click the Embed link.

3. Under the box containing the URL, click the Customize button

4. At the bottom of the options that appear is a shortcode for Wordpress.com blogs. Click the Copy link to copy the contents to your clipboard. They will look something like this:

[slideshare id=16283755&doc=photosofthefaculty-130131175953-phpapp01&type=d]

5. For the purposes of this module, this code breaks down into the three parts shown below and labelled a,b and c

a) [slideshare

b) id=16283755&doc=photosofthefaculty-130131175953-phpapp01

c) &type=d]

6. You can discard parts a and c. Using part b, you need to create your video filter token. Do this as follows:

[video:http://slideshare.net/? ]

so, using my example above, I would end up with


If you're using the video filter field module, in the URL field, you would just enter:


so this becomes


Hope that helps!

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