When a node title has a single quote in its title, it translates to ' in the subject of the message.

Is there a way to correct this ?

Thanks a lot


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Hi, can you provide more information about how to reproduce this? How are you showing node titles in the subject of the message?

When I include a single quote in the subject line of a message, it appears properly.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Since there has been no activity for a month, I'm closing. Feel free to re-open if you have the same issue and can provide a detailed bug report.

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Status: Closed (cannot reproduce) » Active

Reopening, I can reproduce this.

Create a rule which sends a PM to a role / user with the field title as the subject line, and have an apostrophe in the title. prints out with ' eg. Pkil's custom content becomes Pkil's custom content in the subject line.

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I'm finding the same problem. if a user sends a PM in reply to a node (forum topic for instance) and the subject of the forum topic contains an apostrophe ( ' ) such as Biker's the pm that gets sent shows the subject as Biker & # 0 3 9 ; s.

I've had to add spaces between the explanation of the code above, otherwise this forum converts the code back to an apostrophe!

Is there a fix for this please.

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Same here. I have content which may contain any title such as: Chip's n Dip's

When I select "Contact author" the Subject is auto-filled with the title and looks like this:

Chip's n Dip's

Or it looks like that to the recipient. Can't remember. I'll test and check.

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I've tested and the character code replaces the apostrophe in the subject for both the sender and recipient.

Looks really ugly.

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BTW: this issue is carried over to the latest version 7.14.

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Was this solved?
I am using 6.33 and I have a view that uses the title of the page to create the url for a video link
title=Water: That's Real Value&inline=true#colorbox-inline-6">Water: That's Real Value

What should I do to to fix the problem with the view?

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Any news on this issue ?
Any help/ideas are welcome

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A quick solution, when entering your text use the Alt + 0180. (Hold the alt key down while typing 0180, then release) It produces the closest appearance to apostrophe.

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I can reproduce the problem myself, in my case, I am sending the messages via custom code, so I could easily change the replacing token to use ! instead of : or % - this means the value is passed "as-is", but that might be a security issue.

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I have the same problem, in my case my site is full with plant names and the subject of a message is always the name of a plant. For example: Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'. When using it with a token as subject for a message it looks like: Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'
Any ideas?

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Has this been solved ?
I'm facing the same problem with 7.x-2.0-alpha1

Any help/ideas are welcome