Somewhere somehow I cannot get the display of the galleria io working well in combination with adaptive themes (3,x) and adaptive core (3.x) version.

The image galleria is displayed but when the width option is set to a fixed size. If the option is set to auto then the display is 1 px width.

So I assume that the some container is not getting 100%. I want to solve this with css injections or changing the theme css of adaptive themes but my knowlegde of css is very bad..

Can you help? We need to go live asap ....


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Change to major as nothing is working :-(

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I recently came across this issue.
The reason the width was displaying as 1px was because the container's display is set as "inline-block".

To fix this, you would need to add in your css file
figure {display:block;}
figure {width:100%;}

**NOTE: At the very least, this was my issue with a custom theme I was using.
You may want check all the immediate containers holding the galleria.
Maybe one of their displays is also set as inline or inline-block...