I upgraded my kickstart 2 RC1 store to 2.5 today, aside from a few issues with a view that I was told by the upgrade to disable, it went great. However the cool collection term to menu mapping feature is now broken.

I noticed when I edited a product and saved it, it started adding terms to the menu even if they were already there. So now I have a really huge menu messing up the site with many duplicates in it.

I tried disabling and uninstalling Commerce Kickstart Taxonomy which cleaned out the menu but as I edit or add products its still adding redundant entries into the menu.

For now I dont have any other choice but to disable sync on taxonomy menu and manually edit the menu. this seems to stop the redundand copies until this gets fixed.


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FYI, disabling the sync in the taxonomy does not solve the problem.

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You should not disable Commerce Kickstart Taxonomy if you want to keep that functionnality, we're no longer using a taxonomy based view. This view is now based on the product display search index.
You have the option to rebuild the menu on submit (I'm talking about the vocabulary edition page), try to use this option.

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Hi, I did that (in #2), and it rebuilt the menu. but it still had duplicates. so I manually disabled all the redundant entries and turned off the sync option and am working with that for now. Is there anything I can test for you to determine if this is indeed a bug?

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Version: 7.x-2.5 » 7.x-2.6

Same error on 2.6 Multiple entries for collection fresh install

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Version: 7.x-2.6 » 7.x-2.4

Same error on 2.4

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Version: 7.x-2.4 » 7.x-2.6
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same here, did someone managed to fix this?

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same here, did someone managed to fix this?

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I'm getting a new Taxonomy category link added to my main menu every time I save / update a product.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

i couldn't reproduce it on a 2.6 fresh install.

could you provide the exact steps (full scenario) to reproduce?

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I was able to reproduce it on a 2.10 fresh install as follow:

Disable the Collection products view
Visit the list terms page of the Product category vocabulary and click save
Enable the Collection products view
Clone the Collection products view

After that, every time the vocabulary is saved it adds duplicated terms to the menu.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to stop this yet.

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Version: 7.x-2.6 » 7.x-2.12
Issue summary: View changes

Same problem with 7.x-2.12 as well.

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The Collection products view has an odd relationship with the main menu and I cannot figure out why.

When disabling the Collection products view, all menu items in Main menu are deleted.

When using the 'Select to rebuild the menu on submit' tool on the vocabulary page, nothing is added to the menu, despite having 7 taxonomy terms in the vocabulary and 'Synchronise changes to this vocabulary' checked.

Its only when I enable the Collection products view and then rebuild the menu that menu items are created.

How is the Collection products view related/working with the menus? How does disabling this view break the relationship between the vocabulary and the main menu and delete all menu items? I thought the view was simply listing products but it seems to be more complex that that.

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My simple "solution" was to delete all the products and product categories, and begin from scratch.
It was a test site of course ;)

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no you need to change Text format to plain text instead of filtered html :) i had same problem i solve this way :)hope it wil help you good luck

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Could any of you outline the exact steps to reproduce this issue from a clean install?

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There was an issue with migrate doing similar things ignore_case was used, they may be related. For reference: #2236279: ignore_case on term reference fields that are normalized to titlecase produce two terms one lower and one titlecase.

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Same issue here. but slightly different in our case... rather than creating "duplicate" menu items... this seems to be just moving the Product Category term menu item from beneath the "All products" parent menu item to the top level. In our case, we moved the "All products" parent menu item to drupal's "Main Menu" which at the time brought along with it all the correct menu items. Then, however, after editing any Product Display, it's respective product category to which it is assigned would float out of the "All Products" parent dropdown to the top level of the Main Menu.

Any help... or ways I can help you guys debug this would be greatly appreciated; for now we're just disabling this module. I'm not sure where to start looking.

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Had the same problem with the latest version of Commerce Kickstart (7.x-2.19), where, every time I saved a product and selected a product category for it, the menu links just kept duplicating. Thankfully, I didn't have too many product category terms, so I just deleted all of them, and started over. That seemed to have solved it for now.

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I experienced this issue too.I resolved it by going to Product Category page (admin/commerce/config/products-categories)
Click Edit.
At the bottom of the "Options" box, there is an option: - "Select to rebuild the menu on submit".
Check this option and save.

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Nothing I seemed to do was regenerating a new menu, including "Select to rebuild the menu on submit". I tried setting Taxonomy Menu > Menu Location "DISABLED" and other locations. What eventually worked was disabling and then re-enabling the "Commerce Kickstart Taxonomy" module, and my menu rebuilt fine without duplicates. I hope this action, however, does not cause further issues.