Hey! Maybe add the recruiter distro to the stack. It installs nicely and easily on BOA 2.0.5


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ok one fix is needed if you want to use SOLR. search_api_solr needs to be downgraded to rc2 but it still works fine after that :)

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I am interested in the Recruiter distro as well, and it be will interesting to see if the Solr problem still persist if in BOA 2.06 with the new support for Jetty and Solr 3.62 (Solr 4 might be a stretch for certain dependent modules). I am not in a situation to test this right now, but will in the coming weeks.

Michael Clendening

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We have some criteria, which are always considered before adding new distro to the Octopus collection:

1. The distro should have not too narrowly nor too broadly defined audience (can't be too generic). The reason is that the built-in D7 D/S/P platforms already serve as a generic platforms, and we are currently tend to remove distros (mostly because they are not updated for many months) than add new. We want to build and provide a collection of well supported, interesting distros, and we had to raise the bar to avoid adding too much, especially since building distros for various purposes became more and more popular.

2. Must be actively maintained for some time already, with well maintained issue queue.

Not sure if we want to add it by default, if it works also as a custom platform, if needed.

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