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Hi Mike,

Is it OK to start using your D7 version on product site? Any recommendation/advice please?

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If you've tested it out locally and it works, it should be OK to use.

Just be aware of #1946218: test with other modules & themes. I especially need to make sure advagg works with the CDN and CSS Embedded Images modules. I'm pretty sure I have advagg working with jQuery Update. And some nice to have integration would be JS script loaders like LABjs, HeadJS, and Script.js.

I plan on releasing an alpha once CDN and CSS Embedded Images is working 100%. Until a 7.x-2.x alpha version is released there is no upgrade path (from dev to dev).

In terms of AdvAgg, it hasn't been thoroughly performance tested so it could be doing redundant stuff on the PHP side of things. Also the advagg_mod submodule has some experimental stuff in in, so I would be careful with what you do when using it.

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