I'm using the Multistep module and I have a form in two steps.
When I use the option in the CAPTCHA settings:

  • Omit challenges in a multi-step/preview workflow once the user successfully responds to a challenge.

... the Captcha is shown two times. One time in the first step and a second time in the second step.
But I only need it in the first step.

Is this something that can be fixed in the CAPTCHA module or do I need to post this in the Multistep issues queue?



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I don't know the multistep module, but I guess, from what you are seeing, that it uses separate forms/form_id's for each step.
The "multistep feature" of the CAPTCHA module only works within the same form (that possibly take multiple posts to complete, but it is still the same form, think "form session")

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As far as I can see, it uses the same form id for each step. I'm using it to add content.
But ok, it might be too complex to solve this.
Thanks for the reply!