Hi there everyone, I am just starting with drupal and I was trying to work with apache solr localfile(http://drupal.org/project/apachesolr_localfiles) and having no luck with it, I was hoping you could direct me to right path. Here is what I did:
1) got apache solr(3.6) running
2) installed module apachesolr, replaced the 3 files (from solr-3.x folder)
3) installed module apachesolr_localfiles, replaced the two files schema.xml and solrconfig.xml - here I faced some difficulty, in the readme it says :
1 - Start Apache Solr - done
2 - Install module - done
3 - Run the drush command "drush solr-local"
4 - Access /files/search to search your data
for step 3 I installed drush, ran it and in the console tried to execute drush solr-local but it said
"The drush command 'solr-local' could not be found....."
so I thought maybe solr-local is probably input file which is in "modules\apachesolr_localfiles" so I changed my working directory to "modules\apachesolr_localfiles" and tried that command again but this time it said
"Missing required argument: 'search type'."

So now I am not sure what the search type param should be and I couldnot find any thing after googling too.
Also it seems like the normal solr search is broken now because I get "Search is temporarily unavailable. If the problem persists, please contact the site administrator." even though when the apache solr is running

I would really appreciate any help.