Hello everyone,

I have been asked to develop a membership website for a local non-profit for whom I volunteer, and based on the features they want their site to have, I can tell that Drupal will be a much better platform than Wordpress. I do well with WP using Thesis 2.0, and with the support of their forums, but I don't actually know how to code. I know a little html, almost no CSS and absolutely no PHP.

I did try Drupal back a few years ago, and managed to get a site up and running, and had no trouble putting all the pieces together, but I was unable to go much further. I switched to WP and have since come a long way, but still do not know code.

I am just wondering, in all honesty, do you think with my skills, or lack thereof, that Drupal will be way over my head? I know Drupal is the right product for them, I just don't know if I am the right person to build it.

Thanks so much for your feedback.


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Without knowing the specifics of what the client is asking for and whether those specifics are outside your skill set the question can't be answered with any certainty. If you're CSS skills aren't sharp, and you aren't interesting in sharpening them, then you may have trouble with styling the way the client wants the site unless there are happy with a contributed theme and minor tweaks.

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Thanks so much for your response. The primary functions they are looking for is customizable profiles for each member that would show the member's photo, service, company, and links to their social networks. And they would like to be able to categorize members a couple different ways: alphabetically, grouped by service type, and searchable. For example, a visitor could search for who specializes in Japanese car repair in a specific town or zip code.

They also want an events management system, where they can post events, and take registrations from vendors as well as guests.

Lastly, they want an integrated contact management system and prefer not to have use a third party product like Aweber or GetResponse. They would prefer to do it "in house."

Thanks again

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profiles = profile2.module in contrib
events = the date.module, the calendar.module, & views.module. all in contrib.
contact management you may want to investigate the CiviCRM distribution depending on what features are required. Else there are multiple contact modules in contrib.

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Thank you so much. It sounds like it might be worth a try. I think I will install Drupal on one of my spare domains and start playing around with it to see how it goes.

I appreciate your feedback.