I know Omega 4's new layout system is going to supplant the Context module in many ways, but I was wondering if that extended to block management? Right now my company's site uses blocks extensively to reuse content and features easily. One downside to this is that the default Drupal block admin quickly became difficult to manage. We've been using the Context module to control were specific blocks are placed on different pages and content types. Will Omega 4 include any block management/loading functionality like this that would allow us to phase out using the Context module? I appreciate any help.


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I tend to use a combination of panels and the core blocks UI where possible rather than features now. If I need more fine grained control over block placement then I'll fall back to context. That is just my personal methodology and the great thing about Omega 4 is it leaves this up to you! That's one of the reasons why block management functionality wont ever be included in Omega 4 (aside from the technical reasons), as it would tie people down to a single method.

If you're using context, you might find Omega Context helpful for switching layouts.

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