Just if people are curious. The plupload module works fine with the latest released beta of the plupload 2 library. (i used filefield_sources_plupload to test). The only thing you need to do is rename: plupload.full.min.js to plupload.full.js. Maybe support this in some kind of setting?!?


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Title: plupload beta2 » Allow usage of non-minified version of Plupload

This actually has nothing to do with versions. It is about supporting non-minified version, which could be done.

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I tried with Plupload 2.1.2 and renamed that file, but had no luck getting it working. I've reverted to using 1.5.8.

@slashrsm I'm confused about your change of this issue's title: I think the OP is just wanting to use Plupload 2.x, minified or not doesn't matter. What would be the point of using a non-minified plupload.js?

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@samwilson: Debugging.