This is a module for integrating a Drupal website with Mailman, the GNU mailing list manager. This module extends/replaces the Mailman Manager module features. Instead of sending user commands in mail format as Mailman Manager does, it sends url requests directly to the Mailman web interface where admins manage lists members.

Some of its features are:

  • Immediate actions, Mailman interface is completely invisible to the end-user.
  • Correctly synchronized account status with the mailman server.
  • Supports permissions for individual lists.
  • Displays subscriptions in the registration form of new user.
  • Anonymous user subscription (or invitation) can be permitted.
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe users depending on their current role.
  • Choose what subscription types are available for every list.
  • Integration of notify and invite mailman options for new subscriptions.
  • Retrieve the user mail address realname from Profile fields.
  • Optionally, set a subscription as required.
  • (Version 3.x) Views integration.
  • Drupal 5, 6, and (new) 7 compatibility

Compatibility Requirements

You need the Mailman web interface accessible from the Drupal site IP and the list admin's password for each list.

Drupal 7

The Drupal 7 version no longer has a dependence upon Mailman Manager. All interactions with Mailman are via the web interface. Because UMR takes over some of the database fields formerly used by Mailman Manager, you should not use MM and UMR together under Drupal 7.

Drupal 6 and 5

Both this module and Mailman Manager are required.

Using access permissions you'll be able to choose the subscription method (Mailman Manager mail, User Mailman Register http, or even both) for a user of your site. Y can switch between two methods for any user while preserving their subscription status.

There will be no further development of the Drupal 5 and 6 versions of the module.

Upgrading from 6.x.1 (5.x.1) to 6.x.2 (5.x.2)

  • In a change from previous version 6.x.1 (5.x.1), when the anonymous user has the "access user_mailman_register" permission control, by providing an email address it could join any list of which the anonymous user has the "can subscribe to..." permission. Don't activate that permission without setting the "invite" list option or there'll not be any email verification.
  • To display list subscriptions in the registration form of new users, you have to set the "can subscribe to..." permission for the "authenticated user" (instead of the "anonymous user" as before) as well as to activate the "Visible in user registration form" option.

Drupal 8

There are no current plans to do a Drupal 8 version of this module. If you'd like to give it a go, please contact the maintainers.


The user mailman register module is not sponsored by anyone but I [ST] develop and support it during my spare time for free. If you gain something thanks to it or you want to support its development or simply offer me a friendly beer for my coding time, you can consider making a donation. [For versions 7.x-3.2+, RJL is the primary maintainer.]

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