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Last updated: March 27, 2013 - 20:35

Release notes

SA-CONTRIB-2013-038 - Commons Groups - Access bypass & Privilege escalation

#1954472: Give group owners the organizer role
#1941458 by japerry: check only to see if the title was administrator member and change it to organizers. If its anything else then it was changed manually and we shouldn't do anything.
#1941458 by Zarabadoo: Change the term "administrator member" to "Organizers" on the Group contributors block.
#1821808: Change contributor view block titles to match the interactive prototype
#1947130 by japerry: check all vowels before using a/an for a create node title.
remove auto anonymous group add
#1940150: reverting the organizers role in support of theming views to display the labels instead
#1936642 by japerry, ezra-g: Add placeholder for group directory, add update script for reverting the groups features
#1936642: add description to og_group references
Followup to Issue #1936714 by ezra-g: Fixed Authenticated users should have permission to create a group.
#1936714 by ezra-g: Fixed Authenticated users should have permission to create a group.
#1910874 by ezra-g, japerry: Fixed Anonymous users are able to create content (Beta=>3.x stable upgrades only).
#1936446 by ezra-g: Fixed Group content visibility field not added to OG-enabled content types after enabled Commons Groups Privacy.
Revert and resolve merge conflict.
#1927422 by brantwynn: Fixed Disabling default OG notifications causes Strict warnings when other modules use hook_default_rules_config().
#1927704 by japerry: remove ajax from groups view, because it breaks firefox and isn't really needed.

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