I have registered this channel for official #drupal-demo with topic for anyone interested in help making Drupal demos, help with POCs, help with demo framework distribution and anything else related to Drupal demos.


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Updating component

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@brantwynn Please run:

/msg chanserv flags #drupal-demo chx +votriAsf
/msg chanserv flags #drupal-demo ricardoamaro +votriAsf 
/msg chanserv set #drupal-demo founder drupalircowner
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Thank you @ricardoamaro

(notice) In order to complete the transfer, drupalircowner must perform the following command:
/msg ChanServ SET #drupal-demo FOUNDER drupalircowner
(notice) After that command is issued, the channel will be transferred.
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>ChanServ< SET #drupal-demo FOUNDER drupalircowner
-ChanServ- Transfer complete: drupalircowner has been set as founder for #drupal-demo.

Thanks again

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