When we use features, it seems to me that the order of the nodes exported are random or based on alphabetic order, I'm not 100% sure, but it's not in the order that i can predict.

And if i change the order in exported file, and when i recreate the feature, the order is not preserved either.

It'll be great, if the order can be preserved or set manually. this way for applications which cares about node creation dependency and order, it'll be possible.


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I have bumped into a problem like this, and I'm still searching as to where the data gets altered, because the UUID is changed somewhere along the way.

I found one way, which might not be the most efficient, and that is to implement hook_node_export_alter() and sort the nodes there the way you want.

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I don't believe there is a need for such a feature anymore as some things have been moved around, and you can already do ordering with various export methods.