I have this menu structure, e.g:

- Apple
- Orange
- Fruit
- Car

There are two menus pointing to the same fruit's node. When setting the menu block to display 2nd level (Secondary) on these pages... I realized the wrong match shown up..

In Fruit page that accessed from the parent menu Fruit, it displayed the wrong sub menu which belong to the Favorite menu :

- Fruit
- Car

....It suppose to show "Apple" and "Orange" as sub menu....

While In Fruit page that accessed from the "Favorite > Fruit", it displayed and works well as expected:


I wonder is this a bug? or is there a proper way to use it when need to point some menu to the same destination. Please advise. Thanks


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Thanks for the great module.

Unfortunately I have the same problem although in our case all menu items belong to the Main menu. E.g.

- Node2
- Node3
- Node5
- Node6
-- Node7
-- link to Node1

The submenu is displayed correctly when Node6 (or Node4) is the active node.
When Node1 is the active node, menu block displays the tree under Node4.

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Hello! The same, will follow. Please help.

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Hello! Could somebody please give an update on this? Is this a bug or is this by design? Perhaps someone could suggest how to link to nodes within a menu? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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I'm currently using Node Embed as a workaround way. In other words, create another node with the same name and embed the original node's body. In this way, I just need to to maintain only 1 piece of content.

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Thanks, simone960, for the suggestion. I'll have a look at the module. Currently I decided to use full URL in the menu which is not great but works for us at the moment.

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Sorry but I can't see this as not being a Major bug and there has been no response for a long time. My end users are yanked from the menu trail they have followed to an entirely different trail from the top down, just because they selected an article that has two links. Can we please have some response on this from the maintainers? Has anyone come up with a workaround (other than node embed, which is not satisfactory)?

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@tdurocher - as I've mentioned before I use external URL to nodes when adding links to menus. I.e. instead of creating a menu link to 'node/nid' I create a menu link to 'http://your_site/alias'. This works for me but may not work for everybody. Would this work as a workaround in your case?

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I did try this. It did not work for me. No difference.

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Is no one maintaining pathauto? Have I and the others posed an unacceptable question somehow? Please, this is a serious problem and I don't feel the workarounds given are adequate. However, if this is the reason no one is acknowledging the problem, could you please just tell us that? One of the 2 workarounds given does not work on my site and the other requires two nodes with the same content for each menu item. Could a pathauto maintainer please respond to this issue?

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There is a Drupal core issue about this with a very simple one line patch to test at #1875824: Active trail should favor "non-customized" menu items

Hope that helps

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#5 works for me (full URL in the secondary menu location) as a temporary workaround. Main problem is this is on my dev server, so I need to remember to switch the menu link when I relocate to the live server.