Many visitors wont know what a plus sign is in the phone number when they see an international number. Would be great to optionally display an explanation :) http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_plus_mean_at_the_start_of_a_telephon...


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How would you see this working? Is this a formatter option that prints out a message underneath the phone number when it is displayed. If so, I'd much rather see this handled with generic content, rather than something that is printed under each and every phone number on the site. It doesn't make sense to me to include this. Most people know what it means in the context of a phone number, and those who don't can google it.

If you really need this, I would personally err on the side of adding a block of content on the page that describes this.

Leaving open for cwegans input. Perhaps I'm being a bit short sited on this.

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Thanks cdale, yeah I am just brainstorming here. Perhaps display a tiny "i" info image next to the phone number with a hover effect. Really some optional stuff to explain the parts of a phone number.