I am using the latest version. I tried to dsm the $title variable in page.tpl.php but it is empty in taxonomy term page and in the product display page

Does anyone else facing this problem??



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yes, I am having the same issue regardless of which theme I use but the problem is in the node.tpl.php page.

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Hi, did you manage to get this working? I am having the same issue, Views pages dose not show the title no matter what theme.

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They way i did it is in template.php using preprocess hook and drupal_get_title() to save in a $title variable the current title

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We're overriding it in multiple places, I'm not sure what to do with that issue, we've decided to hide the title in some of the pages. We probably should add a Kickstart settings form somewhere and hide these kinds of overrides.

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I think in the template.php and using drupal_get_title() you'll get the last override before print it. Is is what you need? I mean the end result of the title. Maybe an extra field will do the job!

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Seems that @jsacksick answers the question. Please reopen if you disagree.

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For me it was still not working, even with configuration (Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.22). For me this helped (in template.php or as own module):

function your_module_process_page(&$variables) {
    // check if we have taxonomy and term and numeric positive id
    if (arg(0) == 'taxonomy' && arg(1) == 'term' && is_numeric(arg(2)) && arg(2) > 0) {
        // set $title
        $variables['title'] = drupal_set_title();
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Above didnt work for me... I'm having a related issue with a pretty recent build: 7.x-2.39
I dont see the title for Blog Posts under Commerce Kickstart.
Blog Post content type uses title_field machine_name (i guess this might be from Title module making titles translatable)...
To show this, under the file commerce_kickstart_blog.info, i see the title field defined like so:
features_exclude[field_base][title_field] = title_field

but in the commerce-kickstart blog template 'node-blog_post.tpl.php', it uses $title which is always blank.
I guess I could replace $title with $title_field['und'][0]['safe_value'] in the template but that feels wrong to me (a deep field in an 'und' array).
I'm assume maybe $title should be overriden by Drupal Commerce to pull the translated $title_field?

EDIT: For now, i'm manually putting $title = $node->title; in my blog template (which although cleaner than $title = $title_field['und'][0]['safe_value'];, also feels wrong). Whats the solution?