When we use an auto sub domain: demo.domain.com
The sites spin up and we can access them fine.

However, when you try to login to the site via the auto sub domain alias such as:

You get access denied and refreshed back to the login screen. If you set the cookie_domain in local.settings.php it all works as expected:

$cookie_domain = 'www-site-com.demo.domain.com';

Is this by design?


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There was some confusion because of issues with Domain Access used in different modes - logging in via any alias keeps you logged out on another alias then, so it is required to use SERVER_NAME instead of HTTP_HOST, but because we can't determine if DA is enabled and how this module is used, we have switched to use HTTP_HOST for $cookie_domain by default, as it was previously.

See the code for reference: http://drupalcode.org/project/octopus.git/blob/HEAD:/aegir/conf/global.i...

 if (file_exists('sites/'. $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] .'/modules/cookie_domain.info')) {
    $domain = '.'. preg_replace('`^www.`', '', $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']);
  else {
    $domain = '.'. preg_replace('`^www.`', '', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
  $domain = str_replace('..', '.', $domain);
  if (count(explode('.', $domain)) > 2) {
    @ini_set('session.cookie_domain', $domain);
    $cookie_domain = $domain;
    header("X-Cookie-Domain: " . $cookie_domain);

Note that you can still force using SERVER_NAME for $cookie_domain with control file modules/cookie_domain.info

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makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

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