I have two sites in the same server, one is created by drupal, the other is created by coding. I am making the drupal site as the "client portal" for the main site.

How do I create a login panel on the non-drupal site that are able to connect to the drupal?

Please help me!


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I've done this on my own site (which happens to be a Drupal site, but that's irrelevant as the login is pulled from another Drupal site). In order to properly submit to Drupal, the form has to be created within Drupal. So what I did was to create a path on the Drupal site creates the login form, then returns it unthemed (ie - only the form, no other HTML). On the site that's calling the form, I ping that URL, then embed the returned form into the page.

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thanks jaypan for your help, i will give a try today. By the way, "ping that url" do you mean copy the url or do you mean something else?

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Mike Muuss named it after the pulses of sound made by a sonar called a "ping". Later Dave Mills provided the backronym "Packet Internet Groper"... (backronym means phrase that is constructed "after the fact" from a previously existing word or abbreviation)

It is a way to send dummy packets to another computer and get a response from that computer in an attempt to see if the remote computer is running and/or reachable. Ping is usually a quick test to ensure that your connection is valid so you just need an address to see if there's communication...

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I assume the above poster was correct about the actual meaning of ping, but I was using the colloquial meaning of 'making a request to'. IE - make an HTTP request to that URL. You can do this on the backend (Drupal provides a function, drupal_http_request() that you can look at for reference), or you can do it on the front end with JavaScript using AJAX.

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