I realize this is more of a Mollom issue and not directly related to the Drupal module, but since the developers are the same hoping this gets through to the right place. All of a sudden we've had a ton of spam getting through on our site, and I've been troubleshooting why this could be happening. We're averaging about 60-70 legitimate posts per day and have been fine on the free plan for several years.

I checked our statistics, thinking that maybe we exceeded the daily limit and that's why we're getting spam now, but we still hadn't crossed 100. Spent a while troubleshooting, before checking the Mollom plans and seeing that you've (they've) decreased the legitimate post limit to 50. We didn't get any kind of notification from Mollom that this would be happening, or that we're now exceeding the limit (previously when we crossed 100 once or twice we got an email alert about it). This must have just happened because Google has a cached page from 3/12/2013 still referencing a limit of 100.

Any ideas? We are not opposed to paying for a service, but cutting our service in half without even letting us know is not enticing us to pay for the same service.


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Sorry for my late reply!

Yeah, Mollom revised its available plans as of March 2013. Mollom Free only allows for 50 legitimate posts per day now.

I agree that communication and messaging on that particular change could have been better from Mollom — but in the end, it comes for free.

As I don't think there's anything actionable here for the Drupal module, I'm going to close this issue for now.