I'm looking at how the Libraries module should work in Debian

Debian currently puts core modules under

and modules downloaded by the user in

There is a symlink

/usr/share/drupal7/modules/local -> /usr/local/share/drupal/7/modules

I tried to do the same thing with libraries, but it doesn't work. On my Debian system, I found that I need to create


and then install each library into that directory. This is not ideal, as it means that packaged libraries would be mixed with user libraries

Can you please advise if the libraries module can emulate the way that modules and themse are found, e.g. can it be adapted to follow a `local' symlink such as:

/usr/share/drupal7/libraries/local -> /usr/local/share/drupal/7/libraries

Then any `packaged' libraries distributed by debian would install as


and any libraries downloaded by the user would go to



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I've had a closer look at the code and documented my findings in the README.Debian:


This goes some of the way to answering the original question in this issue, in particular, it suggests that sites/all/libraries should symlink to /usr/local/share/drupal/7/libraries