I read the explanation in the project page about a required modification and thus the need of using a custom version of the jQuery plugin, but can this modification be pushed upstream so that we can then use Libraries API and keep the plugin up to date instead of having to ship a new version of the module each time a new version of the plugin is released.

I'm filing this as a support request initially, in order to find if this is even possible or if an issue has already been filed upstream for this. Once this is done, we can change this issue to a feature request or a task to support Libraries API.


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There used to be an upstream patch, but it's been a while, best thing to do is try the latest version of jquery.validate and report back, if it works, we can switch to using libraries.

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...best thing to do is try the latest version of jquery.validate and report back

Do you mean try replacing the custom, patched version that ships with the module with a fresh official version and see if things still work?

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#2 Yes, that's what I mean, I think (but it's a long time ago) the only change is the suppression of empty messages in case of radio/checkbox. So if you have a site with some forms, it will be the fastest way to see if it still works.

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I'm reluctant to test this in production sites. Give me some time to get a test setup and try things out. I'll report back...

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#4 Testing this live is not something you should do, I'll ask Jelle to have a look at it as well

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Status: Active » Needs work

I created a new branch 'libraries' which should work with the libraries api module (all testswarm tests passed, and the manual tests I did all passed as well)

We still need to define a decent update function for the new dependency